Coastal Hydrodynamics and Morphology:Wave theories and wave transformation, tides and tidal dynamics, transport processes, sediment transport, coastal erosion, shoreline changes, scouring, and physical and numerical modelling.

Coastal Structures, Ports, Harbours and Waterways: Wave-structure-soil interactions, breakwaters, ports, marinas, offshore platforms, coastal defence structures, special structures, monitoring, planning, design, reliability based design, construction, performance, operation, optimization, maintenance, waterway siltation and dredging.

Coastal Management, Environment: Integrated coastal zone management, climate change, sustainability of coastal environment, coastal pollution, recreation, water quality, wetlands and estuaries, environmental impacts and compensation, coastal eco-hydraulics.

Natural Hazards and Coastal Risk: Tsunami, storm surge, freak waves, extreme events, sea level rise, flood risk management and strategies, assessment of coastal risks.

Renewable Energy from Coastal Resources: Wind energy, wave energy and current energy.