ICCE 2016, Antalya / 17-20 November, 2016

The 35th ICCE Conference took place in Antalya, over 17-20 November, 2016. We do believe that ICCE 2016 supported by the Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers, organized under the auspices of the Coastal Engineering Research Council (CERC) of Coasts, Oceans, Ports and Rivers Institute (COPRI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), had a great impact nationally and globally, strengthened the bonds of knowledge in the field of Coastal Engineering, and reflected the colors of different cultures in addition to enriching the experience of young engineers and students.

ICCE 2016, Istanbul was to be held in between 17-21 July, but was forced to be postponed to due to unpredictable events which took place in Turkey, beyond our control.

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